United Pumps heritage brands; Indeng Pumps, IEL Pumps, Johnston Pumps & Harland Pumps

From our recent acquisition of United Pumps, Sterling has added well known heritage pump brands into our product portfolio. The pump models within these brands will allow Sterling Pumps to expand our product range and to revitalize others. Read a brief history of our heritage brand pumps.... United heritage brands overview_Harland Pumps_Johnston Pumps_Indeng Pumps_IEL PumpsDownload [...]

United Pumps acquired by Sterling Pumps

Sterling Pumps is pleased to announce that it has acquired United Pumps Pty Ltd, effective late June 2020. United Pumps was founded in 1984 and is focused on developing and supplying a wide range of pumps for Australian and international specialized oil and gas projects, including API 610 rated centrifugal pumps and systems. The Company [...]

Finder Pompe joins Group

Finder Pompe S.r.l has been acquired by Italy’s Gruppo Aturia Spa from the Dover PSG group in April 2019. Gruppo Aturia, which has been part of the WPIL Group since 2015 and already includes the Aturia, Rotos, Marelli, Audoli & Bertola, Aris Chiappa and Rutschi pump businesses, sees strong synergies with Finder Pompe, especially in [...]

Acquisition of DEPS pump products

In late 2016, Sterling Pumps acquired the turbine pump product range from DEPS* of Pakenham Vic. Around the same time, Sterling Pumps also acquired the pump designs and product portfolio of Ausmec of Griffith NSW. The intergation of the DEPS and Ausmec bring legacy regional pump knowledge as well as their products encompassing 5" through [...]

Avoiding the four most common problems with submersible motors

Submersible motor failures can cause problems both in terms of cost and time-management, but they are preventable. Here, we explore the four most common causes of critical failure in submersible motors and what you can do to avoid them. Temperature Significant changes in temperature, especially overheating, is the most common form of submersible motor failure. [...]

The benefits of buying an Australian manufactured pump

  In the era of globalisation, pump users are presented with numerous good and bad quality imports as well as locally manufactured products. Choosing an Australian manufactured pump has a number of practical benefits that buyers should consider when purchasing a pump. Quality of material Selecting an appropriate manufacturing material is an important consideration when [...]

Protecting assets with fire water pumps

When it comes to purchasing fire water pumps, building and asset owners often prioritise cost and efficiency over reliability. However, this can cause pumps to fail, during exercises and when dealing with actual fires. From building services to oil platforms, the reliability of fire pumps should not be compromised. Fire water pumps are the heart [...]

Top tips for increasing energy efficiency in irrigation pumps

Bore irrigation accounts for up to 75 per cent of all energy usage on farms. With increasing energy costs, irrigators are looking for ways to reduce the energy usage of pumps to improve productivity and profitability. Here are the top five tips for irrigators to optimise the energy efficiency of their pumping system. Replace old [...]

Are you selecting the right pump materials?

When selecting a pump it is important to take into consideration the materials used in its construction. While some materials may be an up-front low-cost option, if they are used in the wrong application it can become more expensive in the long-term due to premature failure or unexpected servicing and replacement costs. Factors affecting material [...]

Pumps at Australia’s biggest offshore LNG projects

One is the largest single resource development in Australia’s history and the other is the largest offshore gas-processing platform ever installed in Australia. Here, we take a look behind the scenes at pumps in two of Australia’s biggest LNG projects and what other offshore platforms can learn from them. Seawater pump Gorgon and [...]