Submersible Pumps: 6” 8” 10” – Fabricated

W Series

The Sterling Pumps W series Stainless Steel Submersible Pumps have been designed for pumping water for a diverse range of pumping duties for water supply, irrigation and agricultural, mining, industrial and municipal and fire fighting applications.

Construction is from stainless steel. The W series feature both radial and mixed flow impellers, stainless steel bowls, motor bracket, discharge head and all have integral check valves.


  • All stainless steel construction, 304 SS
  • Option (N) for full 316SS construction
  • Radial and Mixed flow impeller design
  • Bearing are water lubricated and are shaped to enable sand particle to pass through with the pumped water
  • Stop Ring to assist to minimise wear from start up for any up thrust.
  • Inlet strainer
  • Check Valve to prevent back flow and minimise water hammer
  • High efficiency
  • Pump inlet confirms to NEMA standard for submersible motors
  • BSP outlet thread as standard, NPT available
  • Water temperature 0°C up to 45°C
  • Solids handling Maximum sand/solids in water; 50 g/m³
  • Pump/motor Performance Based on 2,900 rpm, 2 pole 50 Hz
  • Max. starts per hour 20 at regular intervals
  • Direction of rotation Clockwise as seen from the pump coupling side
  • W series pumps can also be manufactured as a Line Shaft driven pump


W = series
30 = nominal flow
/3 = stage count
Blank = standard impeller
A = 1st impeller trim
A = 2nd impeller trim
N = 316SS construction

6″ W series models
Nominal flow ratings W17, W30, W46 and W60 (m³/h)
Maximum flow Up to 78 m³/h
Maximum head Up to 730 metres
Discharge threads 2-1/2″ BSP W17, 3″ BSP W30 and 4″ BSP W46 and W60
Impeller design W17 – Radial, W30, W46 & W60 – Mixed Flow
Motors 0.55 kW 4″ up to 45 kW 6”

8″ W series models
Nominal flow ratings W77 and W95 (m³/h)
Maximum flow Up to 123 m³/h
Maximum head Up to 407 metres
Discharge threads 4″ BSP W77 and 6″ BSP W95
Impeller design W77 and W95 – Mixed Flow
Motors 5.5 kW 4″ up to 93 kW 8”

10″ W series models
Nominal flow ratings W125, W160 and W215 (m³/h)
Maximum flow Up to 280 m³/h
Maximum head Up to 505 metres
Discharge threads 6″ BSP for W125, W160 and W215
Impeller design W125, W160 and W215 – Mixed Flow
Motors 7.5 kW 6″ up to 185 kW 10”


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