Sterling Pumps

Sterling Pumps are an Australian based pump and motor original equipment manufacturer based in Pakenham, to the south east of Melbourne. As a complete solution provider, we offer a catalogue of standard products for common uses and the capability to design and manufacture pumps, motor and fluid systems to specific individual requirements.

We provide vertical turbine and horizontal split case pumps, submersible pumps and submersible motors, multistage pumps, open drain dewatering pumps for agricultural, rural, industrial, processing and mining duties, including certified firefighting pumps and fire protection systems which are installed around Australia and internationally in civil, industrial and emergency operations by some of the largest oil and gas operations in the world.

Sterling Pumps is a member of the global WPIL International Group, which is comprised of Aturia Group (Italy), Rutschi Pompes (France), Rutschi Fluid (Switzerland), WPIL India Ltd, Mathers Ltd (United Kingdom), APE Pumps (South Africa) and Sterling Pumps. The purpose of this global group is to share designs, patents and information with the aim of continuing as world leaders in design and manufacturing throughout our many industries and products.

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