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    Sterling is a manufacturer of standard and custom-designed pumps based on the outskirts of Melbourne, Australia. Sterling provides a world-class product for a variety of heavy industry, mining, irrigation, fire and process industries with submersible, sea water-lift and aboveground models for a variety of applications and flow rates.

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      At our site we like to keep people informed about new products via this news site. You will see various news items from this menu which will be updated. Check back regularly for updates. Sign up as a member to see the newsletter.

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    Sterling Pumps manufactures a wide variety of standard and custom, vertical and horizontal pumps and motors as well as spare parts. Made from a variety of high quality imported and local materials, Sterling products are carefully designed, reliable, tested and see frequent use in the largest and most crucial

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    Sterling conducts all of its testing, service and repair of vertical, horizontal split case, submersible, turbine pumps and motors for most other industrial purposes at its new facility in Pakenham, just outside of Melbourne.

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