Solids Handling Pumps

MN Series

The MN series is a mixed flow, centrifugal pump with enclosed non clog impellers engineered for the demanding sewage handling industry to offer a reliable low cost and long install life.

The MN range can handle large solids (100mm to 200mm) trash and stringy materials without clogging. In addition to wastewater treatment plants handling raw sewage, effluent and sludge, this versatile range can be used for pumping in irrigation, drainage, paper mills, Slurries, general industrial uses


  • Size 10” to 30”
  • Flow capacity up to 12,200 m³/h
  • Heads up to 68 metres
  • Single stage mixed flow enclosed impeller
  • Heat treated shaft
  • Standard construction is cast iron
  • 3 position nozzle connection
  • Tapered roller bearings to eliminate radial play, grease lubricated
  • Stuffing box with 5 rings of packing in seal cage
  • Replaceable casing and impeller wear rings


  • Mounted on base with pump coupled to drive motor, electric or diesel
  • Mechanical Seal
  • Oil lubricated bearings


Up to 30” sizes
Capacity up to 12,200 m³/h flow
68 metres maximum head
250mm to 900mm discharge size
250mm to 900mm suction size


Mixed Flow Solid Handling Pumps – MN Series