Line Shaft Turbines

Drive types: Electric motor or right angle gearbox/engine

VT Series

The Sterling Pumps VT, AX and MX series of Line Shaft Turbine Pumps are manufactured to be tough, offer corrosion resistant materials, delivering efficient and reliable operation across a broad range of pumping applications including town municipal water supply, irrigation and agricultural use, water transfer, mining, industrial, Oil and Gas applications, sea water lift, hydrocarbon transfer, pressure boosting and fire fighting applications.

Features & Options

  • Standard sizes available, 5” 6″ 7″ 8″ 10″ 12″ 14″ 16″ 18″ 20″ 24″ with nominal flow up to 2,400 m³/h
  • Sizes of 30″ through to 90″ models with flows up to 40,000 m³/h are available in various material specifications
  • Standard constructions materials: Cast Iron, Zinc Free Bronze, 316 stainless steel
  • Additional construction materials available: Carbon Steel, Duplex Stainless Steel 2205, Super Duplex Stainless Steel 2507, Nickel Aluminium Bronze, Copper Nickel, Inconel 625, Ni Resist, Zeron 100
  • Mixed flow impeller design
  • Our standard range also includes low lift/head and high volume;
    • Axial Flow (AX series) aka Propeller Pumps 14″ to 20″+
    • Mixed Flow (MX series) 8″ to 20″
  • Stainless steel shafts as standard, Duplex available
  • Fluted Resin NBR shaft bearings designed to pass particles and prolong service life on Water lubricated line shaft columns and bronze bearings for Oil lubricated line shaft columns.
  • Impeller materials: cast iron, bronze or stainless steel and to suit specific liquid being pumps
  • All impellers can be trimmed to suit your specific duty
  • Inlet strainer, various designs available
  • High efficiency design for water volume and energy use
  • Flanged outlet to column, can be threaded BSP  or NPT or other
  • Water temperature 0°C up to 50°C
  • Solids handling Maximum sand/solids in water; 50 g/m³
  • Performance based on 2 and 4 pole 50 Hz IEC motors or diesel engine via gearbox drive, refer Performance Curves
  • Pumps can be operated from direct drive electric motor or via angle drive gearbox coupled to diesel engine
  • Elastomers to suit liquid being pumped
  • Comply with API610 and NFPA 20 fire standards
  • Complaint for Oil and Gas API610 Vertically Suspended (VS) pump applications
  • Mild steel and 304SS columns standard, 3 metre lengths, Water or Oil lubricated, flanged or threaded connections
  • Rubber, mild steel or stainless steel centralizers (aka stabilizers/spiders) for Oil Lubricated columns. Other materials to match the pump construction available.
  • W series 304SS and 316SS fabricated pump ends can also be manufactured as Line Shaft ‘WT series’ pumps.
  • Custom design and build to your specifications

If we do not have the right Line Shaft Turbine pump model for your application, we can easily custom design one to meet your material and flow requirements.  Please use the ‘Contact Us’ form or phone us.


VT (AX-MX) = series number
5 = nominal diameter inches
A = 1st impeller trim
A = 2nd impeller trim
Q = max. flow. H = max. head
2900 rpm = electric 2 pole 50hz
1450 rpm = electric 4 pole 50hz
1500 to 2300 rpm = diesel range

5BA: Q; 58m³/h, H; 200M
6CA: Q; 100m³/h, H; 136M
6DA: Q; 85m³/h, H; 128M
7AA: Q; 84m³/h, H; 207M
7CA: Q; 180m³/h, H; 260M
8AA: Q; 300m³/h, H; 202M
8BA: Q: 280m³/h, H: 160M
8CA: Q; 128m³/h, H; 234M
8DA: Q; 142m³/h, H; 255M
8DB: Q; 132m³/h, H; 248M
8EA: Q; 250m³/h, H; 88M
8GA: Q; 136m³/h, H; 188M
8HA: Q; 195m³/h, H; 174M
10AA: Q; 295m³/h, H; 272M
10BA: Q; 405m³/h, H; 245M
10CA: Q; 495m³/h, H; 218M
10GA: Q; 225m³/h, H; 310M
10HA: Q; 245m³/h, H; 368M
10JA: Q; 240m³/h, H; 288M
10KA: Q; 385m³/h, H; 270M
10LA: Q: 700m³/h, H: 265M
10LB: Q:480m³/h, H: 240M
12AA 1450: Q; 295m³/h, H; 168M
12AA 1750: Q; 350m³/h, H; 138M
12BA 1450: Q; 450m³/h, H; 125M
12BA 1750: Q; 540m³/h, H; 112M
12BA 2900: Q; 880m³/h, H; 184M
12CA 1450: Q; 520m³/h, H; 92M
12CA 1750: Q; 620m³/h, H; 110M
14AA 1450: Q; 690m³/h, H; 114M
14AA 1750: Q; 830m³/h, H; 133M
14BA 1450: Q; 1020m³/h, H; 162M
14BA 1750: Q; 1200m³/h, H; 224M
16AA 1450: Q; 900m³/h, H; 272M
16AA 1750: Q; 1035m³/h, H; 485M
18AA 1450: Q; 1160m³/h, H; 203M
18AA 1750: Q; 1390m³/h, H; 229M
18BA 1450: Q; 1085m³/h, H; 102M
18BA 1750: Q; 1300m³/h, H; 97M
18CA 1450: Q; 1280m³/h, H; 207M
18CA 1750: Q; 1500m³/h, H; 172M


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