The benefits of buying an Australian manufactured pump

  In the era of globalisation, pump users are presented with numerous good and bad quality imports as well as locally manufactured products. Choosing an Australian manufactured pump has a number of practical benefits that buyers should consider when purchasing a pump. Quality of material Selecting an appropriate manufacturing material is an important consideration when [...]

Protecting assets with fire water pumps

When it comes to purchasing fire water pumps, building and asset owners often prioritise cost and efficiency over reliability. However, this can cause pumps to fail, during exercises and when dealing with actual fires. From building services to oil platforms, the reliability of fire pumps should not be compromised. Fire water pumps are the heart [...]

Are you selecting the right pump materials?

When selecting a pump it is important to take into consideration the materials used in its construction. While some materials may be an up-front low-cost option, if they are used in the wrong application it can become more expensive in the long-term due to premature failure or unexpected servicing and replacement costs. Factors affecting material [...]

Operating submersible pumps in high temperatures

Finding submersible pumps that can operate comfortably in high water temperatures for long periods of time is often a difficult task for water bore operators. Here are some considerations that should be taken into account when pumping in a high temperature environment. Submersible motor High water temperature pumping applications can be found across [...]

How can solar pumps improve your pumping system?

With the uptake of commercial and residential solar power continuing to rise, the irrigation industry is getting in on the action and installing solar pumps that reduce costs and make control systems more efficient. The reduction in solar panel costs and the availability of solar rebates have made solar pumps an economically realistic option for [...]

Local heritage with a modern twist

With the increasing costs associated with manufacturing in Australia, many pumps are being shipped from overseas for use by local irrigators. But the country’s strong irrigation industry is crying out for local pumps and the knowledge and trust that comes with them. Advances in Australian pump manufacturing have increased the efficiency and lowered the running [...]